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GERMANY - Niedersächsisches Internatsgymnasium Esens (NIGE)


The Niedersächsische Internatsgymnasium Esens (NIGE) is located in the north-west of Germany. Esens is a small town with 8000 inhabitants. It is located in a touristic region 4 kilometers south of the North Sea.  The grammar school has about 950 pupils and 80 teachers and covers the grades 5 to 12 (age: 10 to 19). Nearly 120 pupils come from the islands nearby and live in the boarding-school which is located on the school ground. The campus of the school is large and it is situated next to a forest. Since we are surrounded by nature, we encourage our pupils to act eco-friendly. The pupils have access to different gym halls and an to an indoor swimming pool. Apart from English the pupils have to choose another foreign language which can be French, Latin or Spanish. Exchanges are organized with schools in Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Wales.

Every classroom is equipped with interactive-whiteboards. The school is part of the “School of distant learning” which means that the NIGE cooperates with the schools on the islands by video conferences. In the afternoon the pupils have the chance to take part in different clubs like musical, choirs, “NIGE-Radio”, “NIGE-TV”, “NIGE-Shop”, “NIGE-Band”, magazine, soccer, rugby, chess, robotic, fitness or Erasmus+.


Erasmus-team - project coordinators

Ulrich Apke, Hannah Geistert, Kati Tonn und Thilo Thedinga



Erasmus-team - project coordinators




ITALY - Istituto d`Istruzione Superiore G.D. Romagnosi


Our school,  a commercial and technical institute, was founded in 1860 and is one of the most ancient in Italy. It is located in Piacenza, a nice town in the North of Italy about 80 Km from Milan;  it is just a few metres far from the main town square (Piazza Cavalli) and a short way from the railway station. 

Over the years it has been able to combine a strong historical and cultural tradition with a solid innovative environment stimulating the development of our area in the key sectors of business, finance, commerce and tourism.

The curriculum of our students includes general subjects such as Italian, History, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and professional subjects such as Economics, Laws, Marketing, Tourism, IT and foreign languages. It offers modern facilities - language labs , IT labs, a large library, gyms.

Many additional activities are also available: CLIL projects, study trips abroad, meetings with university professors and experts from the world of work, apprenticeships at public and private companies, school paper, drama lessons, etc.

You can visit our website for further information.


Erasmus-team - teachers

Manuela Fiorani, Daniela Sciaglioni, Alessandra Olivieri



Erasmus-team - pupils


Italian school




Lithuania - “Saulėtekis” gymnasium


“Saulėtekis” gymnasium is an academic institution providing high-quality secondary education. It is in the town Siauliai in the North of Lithuania. The school was founded in 1978. There are 315 students (aged 15-19) studying at this gymnasium. Classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids, interactive whiteboards as well as computing devices. We offer 1st and 2nd year gymnasium students a course on Biomedical sciences (Biology, Chemistry) integrated English-Biology activities carried out together with Siauliai university. The languages taught at our gymnasium are English, German, Russian and French. If necessary, students apply theoretical knowledge in practice while doing laboratory experiments in Biology and Chemistry.  Creative art workshops are also available for students, which are aimed at developing students’ creativity and learning new skills. The members of robotics club always take part not only in national, but also international competitions. TRX workout program is a good choice for those who want to strengthen the body. Online courses offer students the flexibility of studying from anywhere and at any time over the Internet.


Asta Plukiene, Tatjana Cukanova, Ingrida Railiene


Lithuanian school




Poland - Szkoła Podstawowa nr 16 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi


We are a school located in Przemyśl, a middle-sized town in the south-east of Poland, just off the border with the Ukraine. We are not too big -  the current roll is 660 students, in standard and  special needs classes.

We cater for pupils from the age of 6/7 up to the age of 16, in two units- Primary School number 16 and Lower Secondary School number 4.

The project will be implemented in  Lower Secondary School, which  comprises 11 classes, out of which 6 include special needs students. Of the total of 263 students, 116 are girls and over 30 have  disabilities of all kinds, including mobility, intellectual, visual, or hearing impairments, multiple disabilities and chronic diseases.

Being close to the border with the Ukraine,  multiculturalism is an important issue in our school,  historically associated with our town through a national minority, as well as  with the  more contemporary problem of economic migration.

We try to cater for all the needs and aspirations of all of our students – apart from regular lessons we offer them a variety of activities such as school choir, sports clubs, photography club, languages, ecology and  science group, to name but a few. Everyone can try their best in numerous competitions, olympiads, sports events or artistic performances. There are also regular events aiming at engaging the whole school community, such as open days, School Patron’s Day, End -of - School Ball and many more. All the students are represented in their democratically elected Students’ Government, which participates actively in school management, organizes events, joins in charities.

The two school buildings are set in nice surroundings with lawns, trees, playgrounds and football fields.



Aneta Ligęza-Kuśnierz, Anna Jantz, Katarzyna Babiak, Sylwia Kwiatkowska, Joanna Baran, Agnieszka Barket, Barbara Kędra




Erasmus-team - pupils


Poland school