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Meeting in Siauliai

Meeting in Siauliai, Lithuania

From February 12th to 16th  German, Italian, Polish and Lithuanian students taking part in Erasmus+ be well@school  project met for the final time in Siauliai in Lithuania. They worked on the be healthy @school part of the project.

Before the meeting, students in their international groups worked via Internet on the themes of:

1.       food

2.       sports

3.      addictions

4.       lifestyle.

Transnational project meeting in Esens

The third, and this time the last meeting of teachers – coordinators of the Erasmus+ project called bewell@school took place between the 5th and the 7th of December 2017 in the German partner /coordinator – school Niedersӓchsisches Internatsgymnasium in Esens.

Meeting in Piacenza, Italy

From October 23rd to 27th Italian, German, Lithuanian and Polish Erasmus+ be well@school  students and teachers teamed up again – this time in the beautiful Piacenza in Italy to work on the be socially@school part of the project.

Previous to the meeting, students in their international groups worked via Internet on the themes of:

1.       integration and inclusion

2.       bullying

3.       being yourself in a group

Meeting in Esens

On Monday, May the 8th 2017 a group of Gimnazjum 4 students from Przemyśl with their teachers – Katarzyna Babiak and Aneta Ligęza-Kuśnierz, arrived in Esens – a coastal  town in Lower Saxony, to meet their colleagues from the Lithuanian Szawle, Italian Piacenza and their German hosts to continue their work on Erasmus Plus bewell@school project.

Transnational project meeting in Siauliai

The second coordinators’ meeting of Erasmus + programme be-well@school took place this March (14-16th) in Szawle, Lithuania. Its aim was to plan in detail the students’ meetings in May in Essens, Germany and in October in Piacenza, Italy.  In various exciting tasks, students will then deal with two following aspects of the project – be-ecofriendly and be-socially. The first meeting in Essens will be devoted mainly to the themes of ecology, environment, and well-being at school, e.g.

Meeting in Przemyśl

Our ERASMUS+ group met for the first time in Przemyśl, Poland 2017. Being the first students’ meeting of the project, everyone was looking forward to seeing the so far ‘virtual friends’ in person. Polish students and their families hosted a group of twenty young people from Lithuania, Germany and Italy for a cold winter week in February (6th to 10th) 2017. The time spent together gave the foreign students a chance to experience Poland, its beauty and culture and enjoy the company of people they might become friends with.


Transnational project meeting in Piacenza

Project coordinators from Esens (Germany), Piacenza (Italy), Siausiali (Lithuania) and Przemyśl (Poland) met for the first time in Piacenza, in November 2016 (21-26 Nov.). The teachers met  to discuss the aims of the project and plan in detail the tasks for the first partners meeting in February 2017 in Przemyśl.

The project  called be-well@school.eu focuses on four aspects (one for each school) which will be dealt with during four consecutive meetings:

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